Aikido examination is a sacred ceremony where it is place where you display the maturity of your aikido level in terms of not only techniques but also spritiually. It is your duty to ensure that you are well versed in the examination syllabus before attending. If there is any need to clarify uncertainty and to better mentally prepare yourself, you should consult your sensei. For the exam syllabus, click here

During the exam please follow the following:

For each examination, it will be started with 5th Kyu and move up to 1st kyu and during the annual Kyu examination Yudansha examination will be held afterwards.

  • Ensure that you are early for the examination
  • Start to do warm up before the examination as there will be no warm up performed before the examination
  • When your name is called, raise your hand and with vigor shout ‘here!’ and go on the mat and line up in seiza
  • Maintain a peace of mind during seiza and try to clear you mind while the other participants is gathered.
  • Once all the participants have gathered, the exam instructor will advise to greet O sensei, then suwari waza    move to face and greet the examiners with a clear and crisp “Onegai Shimasu”. The move should be in a line by the side leading the line and move in uniform.
  • The exam instructor will then assign uke and nage into position. Please pay attention and get into position promptly
  • Once in position, prepare yourself by standing in proper hanmi and once the exam instructor indicate the techniques, execute the technique promptly and do not stop until told so.