There is no other class for children like the children class at Bukit Jalil Dojo. The classes are fun, dynamic and engaging, and are meant to help kids aged 4-12 learn some basic elements of martial arts and of personal conduct.There is a strict emphasis on discipline and behavior meant to give the structure necessary for learning. The Class teaches:

  1. How to listen and sit quietly
  2. How to focus attention on complex details
  3. How to be polite and respectful to others
  4. Basic Aikido techniques

This is all done in a fun, supportive and engaging way. Like the adult class, the kids Aikido class is structured and demands a good degree of physical activity. This is a class that not only teaches Aikido, but also the positive martial attributes consistent with the spirit of Bukit Jalil Dojo and the vision of Dr. Leong Sensei. While entertaining both for the kids who participate and the parents who can choose to watch quietly from the sidelines, this class is not entertainment. It is about shaping children into responsible and respectful adults that we would like them to be, and not to just pass the time a few days a week.

Descriptions of Children Class

Children aged 4-6 learn basic Aikido movement through games, partner practice and directed play.

Children aged 7-12 learn more advanced and complicated techniques challenging them both physically and conceptually. They learn the basic forms of rolling, falling and how to safely throw their partners.

The instructors at Bukit Jalil Dojo are educators and highly trained martial arts practitioners.

Children’s Uniform (Gi)
Children’s dogi (traditional Aikido uniforms) are available from the instructor, but students may bring their own. Gis must be plain white with no patches or other markings.
Children Class Schedule

Please refer to the training schedule for more details.

Please be advised that classes will not be held if it falls on a public holiday or in conjunction with other Seminars.