Sugano Commemorative 2010

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Found a nice article from Aikikai Australia in commemorative of our Late Seiichi Sugano Shihan.
I particularly enjoyed reading page 12 and 13 the quotes from our master.
‘I think Aikido is unique because O Sensei broke with so-called traditional martial arts concepts. Generally in martial arts there is a system of fighting technique but O Sensei broke with that concept and that to me is the most important part. He made me more aware that Aikido was something I had to continue to search for. He didn’t provide any system; he had some system so that you’re always following up but he’s not providing it. The individual person had to search for himself.’ The biggest influence from him (O Sensei) is probably ‘to make each person free to search for something individually.’
Do enjoy the article: 2010_Sugano Commemorative
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